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Riding ahead of the curve

At HUGENX, we make sure that we go above and beyond building and integrating enterprise applications on web, mobility and cloud. When you work with us, we step in as a tech partner who knows how critical time is in building an application that exudes care, preciseness and prediction. We understand the transformative shifts emerging in healthcare. The digitization of products, services, and payment models is democratizing current healthcare systems and also represents a new era of healthcare consumerism. This calls for an ever evolving ecosystem of connected health technologies such as wearables, telehealth, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and others that support targeted, personalized health and well-being services.

Our thought leadership has allowed us to ride ahead of the curve both in building sturdy products and offering scalable, secure solutions. We’ve always made sure that the products we build benefit humankind. We are proud of the products we’ve products and solutions so far.

Explore our flagship LIMS

Our flagship laboratory information system (LIS) is a full-featured LIS ready for rapid deployment, and is preconfigured for COVID Testing. It is a cloud-based, comprehensive platform which comes preloaded with FDA and CDC approved tests and can seamlessly integrate with multiple instruments and systems.

Discover more integrated solutions



Our web based laboratory solutions are designed to support and streamline high-volume laboratories using aggregated patient data and data analytics.



Intelligently manage and track all data associated with samples, tests, and results from anywhere at anytime.



Our pharmacy solutions allow for efficient organization and patient management to reduce the workload burden of pharmacy staff.


Patient Care

Built for hospitals, physician offices, and emergency rooms, so you can focus on your patients without worrying about your technology.


Clinical Trial Sites

Our solutions are built with business intelligence to eliminate the patchwork, truncate turnaround time, and drive out inefficiencies and anomalies.


Research Centers

Our research center solutions efficiently handle large volumes of complex data and assist researchers in drawing meaningful and precise insights.


Medical Devices

HUGENX cloud-serviced solutions are able to seamlessly integrate with many medical devices.



Our biotech solutions support dynamic workflows and help automate processes without compromising functionality.

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